Jackeline Nyangaresi – NyamiraTea and Dairy Farming

My name is Jackeline and I am a mother of four from a small village in Nyamira. I am a hardworking smallholder farmer who is in the business of growing tea and keeping dairy cattle for profit. My first encounter with Juhudi Kilimo was through a referral by Heifer International in 2009. I was enrolled, trained and applied for my first loan of Ksh 40,000 which was used for Tea planting.

My desire to diversify in farming and increase my yields motivated me to apply for more loans which I used to buy dairy feeds and other supplements. I later on applied for more loans to purchase a heifer and expand the size of My dairy operations. My efforts are now paying off as I am able to feed and educate all my children from the income generated by my business. I owe much of my success to Juhudi Kilimo.

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