Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Juhudi Kilimo loans?

A potential borrower must be +18 years, possess an income generating activity within 100 KM radius of our branch locations and pay a non-refundable registration fee of Kes. 500.

Do you offer individual loans/group loans?

Yes, we do offer both loans please call our customer service number on 0709-692-000 for more information.

What documents are required to get an individual loan?

  • 6 months’ bank/Mpesa statement
  • ID, Pin certificate and passport size photo (Coloured) for client and the guarantor
  • Business records in support of what the client does
  • Fully filled and signed loan application form
  • Collateral-log books or title deed original copy

What document are required for a group loan?

  • Original ID
  • Pin certificate
  • Passport size photo (Coloured) for client and the guarantor
  • Fully filled signed loan application form

What is the minimum size/membership of a group?

A minimum group of 10 members is required for orientation and financing as required by the Ministry of Social Services.

How long does it take to get a loan after application?

Juhudi Kilimo is committed to disbursing your loan quickly, usually within 3 days after an application is completed.

How do I receive money?

Once your loan has been approved you will receive money through M-PESA or bank transfer RTGS to enable you start investing.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts for a loan?

Group loans range from Kes 5,000 to 1M whereas individual loans range from Kes 100,000 to 5M depending on the loan product category.

Do you need to open a group account with Juhudi Kilimo?

Juhudi Kilimo does not require a group account. Each member opens an individual account through the bank of their choice.

What happens if a member of my group defaults on a loan?

Loan defaults is managed by the group and loan officer.

What if I pay via M-Pesa and send money erroneously to a wrong number?

Please contact your respective loan officer who will take up the matter with the support team in head office.

What is the balance owing on my loan?—OR—what is my repayment?

Please contact your loan officer or visit our branch office near you. You can also call our customer service number on 0709-692-000 for more information

Are loans paid monthly or weekly?

Loans are paid on a monthly basis.

For how long are loans repaid?

Loan repayment depends on the loan size but the maximum repayment period is 48 months.

What is the interest rate for a loan?

We offer the lowest and most competitive interest rate in the market please calls our customer service number on 0709-692-000 for more information about our interest rates.

Can I top-up a loan from Juhudi Kilimo?

Loan top up is possible after paying the current principal loan by 50%.

Do you offer insurance for all assets?

Credit Life insurance is required throughout the loan. We also offer insurance for the dairy cows and some other assets. Motor vehicle-offered on a need basis by the client if he/she has not insured the asset.

In which account should fines and penalty fees be deposited?

Group officials should determine where group-related fees should be deposited.

Does Juhudi use M-Pesa for loan repayments and disbursements?

Juhudi Kilimo members can receive or repay their loan through M-Pesa Contact your loan officer for more details on how to complete M-Pesa transactions.