Juhudi Clean Energy Program

The Juhudi Labs Clean Energy Program, piloted in 2013 and now being scaled up, diversifies our product offering by introducing credit financing for renewable energy products, such as solar lamps and home lighting systems, as well as biogas plants and cookstoves with higher fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

The Clean Energy Program began in 2013 as a pilot project in which Juhudi Kilimo teamed up with d.light, a leading solar lamp manufacturer, to supply solar lights to our farmer clients on attractive credit terms, often as supplementary “top-ups” to their main asset loans from Juhudi. The partnership solved key problems for all parties: Juhudi Kilimo was able to offer its farmers a money-saving, environmentally friendly product in addition to its core asset loan, d.light was able to extend its reach and supply into very rural communities with high demand for solar products, and our farmers were able to get useful and desirable renewable energy products delivered to their doorsteps on conducive financing terms.

Acknowledging the appetite for clean energy products amongst our clients, we intensified our efforts at the end of 2013 by forming a clean energy lending partnership with Micro Energy Credits (MEC), a Gold Standard Certified social enterprise. Under the partnership, we are ramping up the provision of high-performing solar lamps, cookstoves and biogas digesters through credit financing and group loans to rural farmers. Carbon credits will be measured using MEC’s Tracker software and revenues from their sale will be redirected into the program, to help us expand the product range and reach more farmers. Since January 2014, the program has supplied clean energy products to 1,000 Kenyan households, or 4,000 individuals, enabling them to reduce their biomass consumption by 50-100%.


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