Social Investment Pioneer Award 2013

Juhudi Kilimo is honoured to have been awarded the international Social Investment Pioneer Award. The award honours Juhudi Kilimo for effectively responding to social, economic and environmental impacts and opportunities.The awards aim to recognize and showcase SME and multinational examples of international best practice in social investment. Open to all UNGC Signatories, the Pioneer Awards recognize social investment initiatives across five categories: Responsible Business; Inclusive Business; Shared Value; Strategic Corporate Philanthropy; Social Business.

Juhudi Kilimo is widely known for demonstrating excellence and achievement in using technology and innovation to reach out and provide finances to small-holder farmers in rural Kenya to start rural enterprises. In the recent past, Juhudi Kilimo integrated Salesforce with MFIFLEX to come up with a revolutionary cloud computing platform that enables it to run all its business under one integrated platform.

Salesforce allows for personalization of profiles of individual farmers and their groups as well as quick organized access to individual records. This way, the farmers can obtain their account information immediately. Salesforce saves a lot of time thus enabling quicker and more efficient processing of loans since a lot of costs and risks associated with the traditional process are eliminated. Salesforce analytics and its reporting functions give Juhudi Kilimo the ability to expand campaign capacity and as a result increased productivity.

MFIFLEX is a core banking system that is 100% integrated with Salesforce CRM. With MFIFLEX, Juhudi can focus on core business and its expansion, manage its clients, define complex loans and savings products, manage loan portfolios, manage risks and mitigate them, do financial accounting among others.

Juhudi Kilimo has equipped BDOs in the field with tablet PCs since all they need is a computer or a mobile device to access the internet. The tablets come with offline mode application which comes in handy when the BDOs are in remote areas with weak network signals. The BDOs are thus able to do multiple tasks from recording the leads and following up to processing their loans and disbursing using mobile banking application.